Book Review: ‘Wereworld – Rage of Lions’ by Curtis Jobling

Posted: 20 July 2017 in Book reviews
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In book 2 of the Wereworld series, Leopold may be dethroned, but he’s not going out quietly. Literally. He’s barricaded himself up in the castle while his guard, and son, attempt to escape the city. Despite catching most, many still elude them.

Because of this, and the unknown whereabouts of Prince Lucas, Gretchen’s safety is of the utmost importance. As she is being escorted to meet with Duke Bergen, they are ambushed and Gretchen is kidnapped. Drew and Hector pursue them, but one enemy dies as the other escapes. While the Council discusses their options to find her, Drew and Hector resort to more forbidden means to learn where she is being taken.

This is the perfect opportunity for Drew to escape from his royal obligation. So together with Whitley, Duke Bergen’s daughter, they pursue Gretchen. Their journey is slightly detoured when Whitley is badly injured. But the South holds more harm than help. There they are greeted by hostility, greed, deceit, and betrayal. The Horselords desire to cede from the kingdom. What they didn’t realise was how high the price would be. In their desire for freedom, they have allowed the invasion of a force more powerful than they could have imagined.

Drew’s absence from Highcliff quickly turns into a huge problem. Hector should have only been lightly punished for his role in helping his friend leave, but when they learn he used the dark arts, he is removed from the Council. Things get worse when his brother shows up demanding his inheritance. This coupled with the realisation that Leopold may have played them all marks a turn in Hector. Chaos surrounds him on all sides threatening to drown whoever he used to be.

The fight for Highcliff is anything but over. Drew is about to experience his first battle as King and he is nowhere near where he needs to be. Will Duke Bergen and Hector be able to save the city from attacks on two sides? Will Drew be able to escape from the mess he has gotten himself in?

My Thoughts

It took me a while to get around to reading the second book, but at least I got here in the end. Been working on finishing up series I’ve started and this is one of the most recent I’ve started. So it gets to be finished first.

Much like the first book, this one is a great story. It takes from the first one and keeps going. It’s not uncommon among sequels to lose steam, but this one doesn’t do so. The character development is on point, the story is consistently enthralling, there are perfectly placed surprises, and I am left drooling for the next one.

One of the greatest qualities of this series is the creativeness of the characters. When shapeshifting is portrayed, a dog/wolf is usually the iconic shape. Not in this series. Yes, a werewolf is the titular hero, but it isn’t the only one (or strongest yet). This book introduces us to Horselords, Ramlords, Goatlords, and Cats. Honestly, I love it. I also love how the characters in human form have characteristics akin to their animal form. In this volume, Whitley plays a much bigger role than in the previous book. She is just like any person seeking to separate themselves from their parent’s ambitions/protection/expectations for them. She’s proving that she is capable, and stronger, than they see her. The biggest surprise is Hector. I’m intrigued and excited to see what happens to him. I can’t really say anything without giving anything away, but he’s not so innocent anymore.

Just like the first one, the writing was great. It was fluid, engaging, not overly complex, and descriptive. It is easy to follow the story without getting lost with additional plot lines that sometimes get added in expanding stories. I also feel that an element of darkness is being added in places and I love it. And that is all I have to say there.

Honestly, if you read the first book, don’t stop. The story is just getting better. I’m excited to read book 3 and see what lies in store for Drew, Hector, and the fate of the kingdom!!! Enjoy 😉

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