Book Review: ‘Winterveil’ by Jenna Burtenshaw

Posted: 30 December 2016 in Book reviews
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In the conclusion of this series, Kate returns with Dalliah Grey to Albion to destroy the barrier separating the veil from the real world. To do this, Dalliah has suppressed Kate’s memories, which return shortly after they get back, to force her to go along with her plans. She knows she can’t openly defy Dalliah, so she pretends to be under her control until she can figure out a way to stop her.

Unbeknownst to Dalliah or Kate, Silas and Edgar were already back in Albion waiting for their return. The two follow the women, but once they learn their route they break away to get to Fume before them. There is much to do when Silas arrives. After a quick change, they confront the High Council to reveal the infiltration of the Blackwatch, and the army that is bearing down upon them. They must then descend below the city to get as many people as possible to help defend the city from the chaos that was already tearing the city apart.

Once Kate and Dalliah reach the city, Dalliah wastes no time attempting to bring her plan to full fruition. She takes Kate to each of the spirit wheels to destroy them. Kate does all she can to prolong the supposed inevitable, but despite her efforts the fate of Fume seems all but decided. With the destruction of the veil nearly upon them, the war is not yet lost. Kate is not alone as she battles against Dalliah, with help coming from unexpected sources. As the battles seen and unseen are waged, will a deadly future be thwarted or is their fighting all for naught?

My Thoughts

I won’t lie, I am glad to finally be done with this series. Each book was more disappointing than the last. The first book started out pretty interesting, but the next two books couldn’t match it and fell flat. Really too bad.

The overall story was still interesting as it was for the first two books. There was so much possibility. One of the issues is that the climax was very underwhelming. There was no excitement, no energy, everything was fairly lackluster. For as creepy and dark as the previous book were claimed to be, this one, especially for a conclusion, held very little to be desired. And with such a truly interesting premise this a seriously disappointing.

As for the characters, they were mainly meh. Silas Dane had some great lines, but his supposedly fearsome, defiant character was not there. He supposedly made soldiers and much of Albion terrified, but that didn’t come out with his mannerisms and most of his dialogue in books 2 and 3. More like a stern parent. Kate may have been the main character, but she lacked any real substance. Sure she got angry, but it felt more like an obstinate child than a powerful, angry woman. The series covered a matter of months and somehow in that time she was able to master her power, go deeper into the veil than any other Walker, and defy those more learned than her. Without any real training. And for someone so powerful she was so blah. Really disappointing. Edgar at least had no real expectations when it came to his character. He was decent and had a little colour to him. Really too bad.

The writing was also a disappointment. Not as bad as Twilight or A Crown for Cold Silver, but I really had no drive to finish the book. It felt like a teenager wrote the story. Well that might be mean about the teenager. It just wasn’t the caliber of someone who has been published in my opinion. But considering how terrible some of the books I have read have been, it would seem like nowadays companies will publish just about anyone. The writing was juvenile and without any real expertise. There was pretty much no buildup to the disappointing climax. The book lacked excitement and largely because of the writing. It could have been great, but needed much, much, much more work.

It is pretty clear that I was disappointed with the ending of this series. It had so much potential, but didn’t even come close to reaching it. This is one that if you decide to read it, don’t have high expectations. Then again, if you disagree with me tell me why. As always, enjoy 😉

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