Book Review: ‘Renegade’ by Antony John

Posted: 3 November 2016 in Book reviews
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In the explosive conclusion of this series, Thomas and his clan, along with Nyla and Jerren, have escaped from Fort Sumter. Now that they know Thomas’s mother is still alive, they head back to Roanoke Island to rescue her. Along the way, they discover that they are being pursued by Dare. Alice devises a plan that enables them to leave their pursuers far behind.

Once they arrive at Roanoke Island, they discover something terribly wrong. They find Tessa, Thomas’s grandmother, near death on a raft with men already dead from the plague. Thomas, Alice, Jerren, Ananias, and Ordyn sneak onto the island to scope out the place. All is eerily quiet. Then they find bodies. They are deep in enemy territory when rats descend upon them. Thomas and Alice are separated from the others and Alice sacrifices herself so Thomas can escape. He makes is back to the ship, bitten and bloody.

With her dying breathes, Tessa reveals to Thomas the truth behind what has happened on Roanoke. Now that they know what their enemy is capable of, it will require all of them working together to rescue their people and defeat the pirates. But will their powers be enough, or will the rats overwhelm them and destroy them all?

My Thoughts

I have absolutely loved this series. From start to finish, it was filled with adventure and intrigue and I struggled to put it down. Obviously, I tried to give as little away as possible in the synopsis.

The story is fantastic, just like the first two. It draws you in and keeps you hooked from the first page to the last. Honestly, the climax had me nearly in tears with how intense it was. This book reveals so much about the history of the group and the atrocities they committed. Not just from their clan, but also from their ancestors. Horrific and equally fascinating. Human nature and their belief that they couldn’t coexist with non-elementals had them do horrific things to ensure they remained isolated from them. Kind of an interesting commentary how groups separate themselves from each others. You see it all the time with pockets of ethnic/national groups in cities. This is the Cuban district, the Haitian district, the Asian district, etc. Kind of a safety in numbers type of thing. The book shows this in a more extreme example, but it is still interesting.

There are a couple new characters, like Thomas’s mother, but none of them play any significant roles to go into much detail about. I would like to mention the character development. Wow. It was wonderful. Over the course of the three books, we have seen Thomas go from outsider to the unofficial leader of the clan. He is the reason they have all survived up until this point. Yes much of this was thanks to Alice, but his level-headedness and caution made him the better leader. And his peers recognised this despite all effort from the Guardians against him. He is a great character.

The writing was phenomenal. The buildup was amazing and the climax superb. It drew me in and kept me hooked. John clearly is a master of his craft. The description was just right, and it was obviously well thought out.

What else can I say? I love this series and am sad that it is over. I look forward to reading other of John’s work in the future. And who knows, maybe he will entertain us with another foray into the lives of Thomas and his friends. Enjoy 😉

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