Book Review: ‘Ash Mistry and the World of Darkness’ by Sarwat Chadda

Posted: 5 August 2016 in Book reviews
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In the final chapter of the Ash Mistry series, Ash finds himself in a parallel world. How did he get there? His only answer is Savage. Savage must have gained mastery over time and changed the past. Rather than snuff him out, both he and Parvati somehow crossed timelines. But this change in the past has now rendered Ash without his powers. How can he hope to defeat Savage now?

After saving Ash’s double, Ashoka, from this world’s Jackie, they find his family missing. They are being held as ransom for Ash. Ashoka considers giving up Ash, but ends up giving his double the chance to save his family. Ashoka’s reality is shattered as he discovers rakshasas are real, Savage is the bad guy, and if they are too late the world will be destroyed. Ash and Parvati take him to Elaine, who was willing to believe their story, for safekeeping. Together they discover what Savage changed in the past.

When they go to rescue Ashoka’s family, Ash is captured by Parvati’s double, Rani, while the other two escape. He is taken to Savage at a secret location in Tibet. There he learns his terrible plans for the world. He is then locked up deep within the heart of the mountain with monsters that Savage created. With help from an unexpected ally, he escapes the mountain and journeys to meet up with Ashoka and Parvati.

While Ash is gone, the hunt for Ashoka’s family leads the other two on an unbelievable journey. They track his family to a remote location off the coast of China. As Ashoka frantically searches for his family, what he finds is worse than he can even imagine. But he also discovers a secret about himself.

With his family rescued, Ashoka decides that their fight is over. He is excited to go home, but he can’t. Hard as he tries, he knows he needs to see this through to the end. Their journey leads them to a final showdown in the coastal city of Kampani, India. With Ash’s powers gone, Savage master of all 10 magics, and an army of angry rakshasas, the fate of the world seems sealed. Will Ash, Ashoka, and Parvati be strong enough to defeat Savage and save the world once and for all?

My Thoughts

As soon as I finished the second book, I had to get this book from the library. Book 2 was left on a cliffhanger and I needed to know what happened next. I am happy to say that I am very satisfied with the conclusion of this series.

I found the story very good. I liked how it showed a plausible reaction to what could happen if time were able to be altered. I also liked how it showed that some destinies cannot be changed regardless of how things are changed in the past. I also liked how different cultural elements were included into the story (like the Chinese ones that I won’t spoil). It was a fun story filled with adventure, drama, slight romance, danger, and magic. I really enjoyed it.

There were two new characters of note in this book: Ashoka and Rani. Both are this timelines versions of Ash and Parvati. Thankfully Ashoka is not as annoying as Ash had been in book 1. He seemed more accepting of his destiny and doing what was necessary unlike Ash had been. Not in the beginning naturally, but as the story progressed. He was also much less whiny. Overall I found him a much better version of Ash. Rani is physically the opposite of Parvati. She is what Parvati would have become had she chosen to fully accept her demon side. But despite this, she still has that element of humanity in her. She can’t accept what Savage has planned. She has honour and Ash trusts her (although I didn’t).

For the most part the writing is good. Not perfect, but good. There are a couple places where there is some confusion with consistency. It doesn’t detract from the story or anything like that, but it was a bit odd. In general, the writing was consistent. It was easy to read. I actually got it done in a matter of days.

All in all, I found this a great ending to an interesting series. The Ash Mistry series started rocky, but this book showed the growth of the writer in developing the characters and the story. I give it a 4/5. Enjoy 😉

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