A little pre-season adventuring in Provincetown, MA

Posted: 29 May 2016 in Travel
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Jeffry and I starting our fantastic weekend away 🙂

2016-03-25 18.10.45.jpg

1a – Walking along Province Lands Road

At one point in my life, I was a fun, carefree guy. Not anymore. Not that I’m not fun (I am) or carefree at times (meh I try), just that life has given me way too many lemons and not enough sugar to make the lemonade drinkable. Things are getting better thanks to the intense patience and tolerance of my wonderful and caring boyfriend. So when the stress of working an unpaid internship AND a frustrating serving job became all too obvious, he surprised me with a weekend away. It almost didn’t happen as it was Easter weekend (we didn’t realise this), but my boss thankfully made it happen. Word of advice, if you or your partner work in the restaurant industry and you want to plan something nice for them, make sure you plan for it a couple months in advance to ensure you/they get the time off.

2016-03-25 18.33.44

2a – Breakwater Walk

Where we went was completely up to me. I was given the choice between Provincetown, Boston, Philadelphia, or Toronto. The first and only place I did research on was Provincetown and from the first picture I could tell it was a place I would feel relaxed at. Not to mention it is a blatant LGBT haven, which was nice. So that’s where we went. What I didn’t realise when making the decision was that we would be going there during off-season. But that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time.

We picked up the car around 7am and began the 5-hour drive. The New England area is so beautiful. The last time I had seen it was in 2013, but mainly only during the evening hours as we drove. There were so many places we wanted to stop and take pictures. Two things prohibited us from doing so: time and fog. It was drizzly when we headed out, but the fog was ridiculous. It was so thick that it gave everything a mysterious appearance that made it so much more enchanting.

2016-03-26 13.30.38.jpg

3a – P-town Town Hall next to Mimere’s Cafe

After a couple hours, we stopped to get breakfast. I am annoyed at the fact that we cannot remember the name of the diner or the town it was in. I have the image in my head, but that doesn’t help much. Since we are planning on going back during open season, we are going to find it again so I can laud it. The food was so good. I had this hash stuff that was amazing. Never had hash before. I highly recommend it.

After a few more detours, accidental and intentional, we finally made it to the Gifford House. While I have no pictures of the hotel, it is a gorgeous place. Looks like an old Victorian home. Very eclectic and definitely fits in with the seaside town environment.

We quickly settled in and began exploring. First we had lunch at Bayside Betty’s. We had burgers and they were delicious. Afterward we walked around. Instead of exploring Commercial Street, we walked to the end of Bradford Street to check out the dunes. The fog really gave the dunes an ethereal, otherworldly appeal (1a). We hiked around a bit and then headed south to Pilgrims’ First Landing Park. We attempted to cross the Breakwater Walk (2a), but visibility wasn’t that great and there was so much condensation we were encrusted with salt. It is only about 1.5 miles, but we decided to head back and do it when the weather conditions were better. We navigated back to Commercial Street, but everything was closed. The rest of the evening was spent in the hotel as I began feeling really nauseous.


4a – Cabot’s Candy Factory

The next day, the weather (and my stomach) was much better. We explored Commercial Street and found a lot of cool places. We stopped by a nice little coffee place, Mimere’s Homemade & Cafe (3a), which was ran by an awesome girl with green hair (yeah we connected over colourful hair). It is right next to the Town Hall and has a lot of great products.

Our next shop was somewhere Jeffry was adamant about going to: Cabot’s Candy Factory (4a). This place will definitely bring out the kid in you. The place’s primary focus is fudge and taffy. There are other options as well, but these two are the stars. They make their taffy and fudge in house and it is delicious. You can get samples of any of the fudge. The fudge was a little bit expensive for us, but we loaded up on taffy. A pound of it was like $7.95. Our only problem was deciding how much of what flavours to get. There was easily over 20 choices to pick from.

2016-03-26 16.17.33.jpg

5a – On the whale at MacMillan Pier 🙂

For lunch we went to the Surf Club Restaurant right next to MacMillan Pier. No joke, but with almost every meal we had clam chowder. The food was good and we had a nice view of the pier and ocean, which was our next stop. One thing we wanted to do while there was go whale watching. It was way too cold for that so I’m glad we didn’t, but it is definitely something fun to do while you are there. There is a really cool whale statue there that you can get a picture with (5a). At least I hope you can because we did.

While we were able to check out a handful of shops there (and many had fantastic albeit pricey products), one of the coolest and a must-see is Monty’s (6a). Jeffry was so excited to show this place to me. It is filled to the brim with Christmas ornaments! It is a beautifully atmospheric shop. My family has a tradition of getting a new tree ornament every year and this would be the perfect place to find some. It is a truly one-of-a-kind shop.

2016-03-26 16.48.54.jpg

6a – Inside Monty’s

Our last stop was the Pilgrim Monument (7a). Naturally, like most of the shops there, the monument was closed due to it being the off-season. All we could do was walk around and view the structure from a distance behind a fence. It was disappointing, but it just gives us another reason to come back during the on-season.

A word of warning, if you do end up going during off-season, don’t expect anything to stay open late or even not have a wait. We wanted to grab dinner and then head out to see Batman vs Superman (which was an awful film in my opinion), but the restaurant had a wait (as it was one of the very few to be open during off-season). We decided to find something on the way, but everything we saw was closed (and it was only 9pm) or didn’t pick up the phone when we called. Really frustrating.

Overall, Provincetown is a quaint, lovely little place. We really enjoyed our stay there. Our only issue was a lack of things to do. But, there are two pluses about going during the off-season. The first is that hotel prices are cheaper, and the second is that there are really no crowds. But honestly, if you go, be sure to go during the regular season. You won’t be wishing certain shops were open and wondering what else to do. That being said, we definitely plan on going back as there was so much we didn’t get to see and experience.

2016-03-26 17.22.04.jpg

7a – Pilgrim Monument


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