Book Review: ‘The Lost Sun’ by Tessa Gratton

Posted: 13 May 2016 in Book reviews
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In the first book of The United States of Asgard, the unthinkable is about to happen. Every spring, the beloved son of Asgard, Baldur the Beautiful, is supposed to rise from the ashes strewn at the base of the New World Tree. This year he doesn’t. His disappearance causes panic amongst the mortals and the Gods causing the Alfather to offer a boon to anyone who finds him.

Both Soren Bearskin and Astrid Glyn want the boon. Soren’s fate lies in becoming a berserker, just like his father who killed a bunch of people in a berserker rage. He wishes to change his fate. Astrid is the daughter of the country’s most popular and famous seethkona who disappeared mysteriously when Astrid was young. The two meet at his school and together they search for the place where Astrid has seen Baldur in her dreams.

The two find him in the desert. He remembers very little of who he is. All he has is his dreams. And he has been waiting for Soren. Together they travel to return Baldur to Odin. Soren doesn’t trust Baldur though and they all can tell. Baldur insists they fight the holmgang to settle the matter. Baldur wins, but he is injured showing that he is now mortal. This makes it that more urgent to get him home to Bright Home that much quicker.

Getting there doesn’t go as smoothly as they would have liked. With everyone desperate to find the Sun God and/or to gain the boon, they have to very careful. But fate has something in store for them. As they seek to return Baldur and find out how and why his disappearance happened, the fate of the Sun ultimately comes down to one life-altering decision. Will they have the courage to take it?

My Thoughts

This is another gem I found at the secondhand bookstore Bookoff in Manhattan. It sounded interesting and was only a dollar so I bought it (and the second one). I’m glad I did. It is really good!

The story is great. It shows what the USA would be like if it was ruled over by the Gods of Asgard. Such a fascinating, original concept. I like how people were destined to serve one God or another. It was really cool seeing elements of Norse mythology made into a pseudo-reality. It’s a reality I think I would enjoy living in. It also kinda puts the faith element in a different perspective. It is less about believing they exist and more about believing they even care about you individually. An interesting twist on a religious theme.

The two main characters were great. Soren is the reluctant hero, running from his destiny, doing whatever he can to stop the inevitable. Astrid is the optimist, searching for answers and bowing to fate and accepting her destiny. They are polar opposites, yet they attract to each other like magnets. They spin a love story that defies everything foreseen. And they are completely realistic. Soren’s sceptic attitude is one found in most people nowadays while Astrid’s strong belief is much more rare. What I love about her belief is that despite being strong, she doesn’t shove it down Soren’s throat or judge him for his scepticism. Rather she attempts to understand him and is kind. To me she is a perfect example of how religious people should be. On a separate note, I also like how Soren isn’t white (despite the cover art). He is described as having darker skin and I think that is brilliant. I like it because it shows that anyone can a hero, not just the stereotypical white person (this coming from a white guy).

The writing is quite good. The story is engaging and you really don’t want to put it down. I really liked how it was clear lots of research had been done before writing this series. There was a perfect balance of story, dialogue, and description. Yeah. I really don’t have much else to say about the writing.

So if you like Norse mythology, and good, clean adventure stories, then this is a must read. It is a fun and well-crafted beginning to this series. Enjoy 😉

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