Book Review: ‘Wereworld – Rise of the Wolf’ by Curtis Jobling

Posted: 9 March 2016 in Book reviews
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Drew had no idea he was a lycanthrope until the terrible day when his mother is killed and he transforms trying to save her. He runs away after his father and brother show up and try to kill him thinking he killed his mother. He seeks refuge in the inhospitable Dyrewood where he is eventually discovered and captured and taken to Duke Bergan, a werebear, in Brackenholme. He is no sooner taken into custody when he is confiscated by Prince Lucas, a werelion. En route to the capital Highcliff, the company is attacked by Wyldermen. Drew is released by his healer Hector, a Boarlord. Afterward, he discovers his father is not his real father and that he is actually of noble birth and a werewolf, the last of his kind.

Now on the run, the boys travel to Hector’s home in the north, Redmire. They are given refuge, but understand that they both must leave for the safety of Hector’s family. While there, they are betrayed. Hector and Drew escape using the Boarlord’s cousin Gretchen, a werefox, as a hostage. She is betrothed to the horrendous Prince Lucas. Together the travel southwest towards All Hallow’s Bay. There they plan to send Gretchen to Highcliff in time for her wedding and then disappear. She doesn’t make it easy. As soon as she can, she runs away and they have to rescue her from becoming a sacrifice. After that, she remains in there company and little by little Drew and she become friends.

They arrive at last at All Hallow’s Bay and prepare to part ways when they are drugged and captured by Count Vega, a Wereshark. He is taking them to Highcliff to seek favour with the werelion King Leopold. But things don’t go how any of them expect. Drew is seen as a threat, Hector’s life is threatened, and Gretchen is conflicted. With so much at stake, will Drew be able to accept his destiny and do what needs to be done?

My Thoughts

Here is another one of the bookstore books I found and wanted to read before purchasing it. All I can say is that I wish I had just bought it. I love teen fantasy and this series belongs firmly to that genre.

I really enjoyed the story. It has a very simple plot. It isn’t complex and it is very gripping. It’s one of those books you just want to keep reading, and then start the next one as soon as you finish the first. I never guessed what would happen throughout the story. There is just enough mystery shrouding the characters and the events to keep you wanting to know more. My favourite part of the story is a part I can’t tell you. The final scenes are awesome. As Drew develops control over his lycanthropy, he can use it to varying degrees, which is cool.

The characters were great. They were all so unique and different. One thing I really liked was that all the nobles were Were-creatures. They all had different attributes and strengths and were perfectly fitted to their environments. Drew, the werewolf, doesn’t have the noble upbringing like the rest of the werelords so he has a completely different perspective of the world. Much different from Gretchen and even Hector. Those two were raised with a complete understanding to who they are and their position. Gretchen as a character is great commentary to the arrogance of the upper class and their belief that they are better than people in the lower classes. I loved seeing their personalities softer (or harden) as they journey together. They have such relatable interactions.

The writing was also good. It was easy to follow and not too complex. The description was just enough. It was really well done. I also didn’t catch any typos, which is always a bonus. I don’t have anything else to say about the writing surprisingly.

If you are looking for a good, wholesome teen fantasy series, give this one a go. This is also a good choice if you like series like Fablehaven, Grey Griffins, Faerie Wars, and the like. The first book is an excellent start to what I expect to be a riveting series. I really cannot wait to get book 2 and continue the journey. Enjoy 😉

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