Book Review: ‘Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder’ by Obert Skye

Posted: 25 February 2016 in Book reviews
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In the final chapter of Leven Thumps, the futures for both Reality and Foo are about to change forever.

Now that the way out of Foo is known and the secret of the Sycophants released, all of Foo want out. But if the worlds of Foo and Reality combine, both worlds will end. The only way for Leven, the Want, to keep this from happening is to go to the island of Alder. He would rather keep moving towards Sycophant Run with Geth, Winter, and Clover, but fate has other things in store and he and Clover soon end up on Alder. With the Dearth’s goal in reach, all Leven can do now is locate the oldest tree at the center of the island.

In Reality, Dennis and Ezra are waiting at the entrance between the worlds. They have lofty plans of ruling both worlds. Oh and killing Geth. They aren’t alone though. Elton Thumps, Leven’s father, has appeared and is helping the two. And they didn’t have to wait long. The Dearth opened the gate and the inhabitants of Foo were traversing their way to Reality. They can tell that something is wrong when the Dearth, incognito, arrives.

As more and more exit Foo, the Dearth reveals himself and chaos ensues. Geth and Winter barely enter Reality when they are attacked by Ezra. Geth somehow manages to placate his angry other half. They must work together to find Leven and help stop the merging of the worlds. Together with Winter, Dennis, and others, they travel to where it all began, the Rolling Greens Deluxe Mobile Home Park in Burnt Culvert. And they wait.

Leven’s trek through Alder proves more difficult than he thought. His journey has him encountering various unfinished business from his time in Foo. Some are good, some are bad. With each encounter he loses some part of him. But before long, he arrived at the oldest tree. There he learns that the tree wants him to cut it down and plant a new tree. It is the only way to save both worlds. But with the Dearth and the merging of worlds destroying everything, cutting down the tree won’t be as easy as it seems. But if he doesn’t, all will be lost.

My Thoughts

Well I have to be honest, I was glad to be done with this series. I have had it for years. It’s about time I get this finished.

The story, like with the other books, was good. It led up to a great climax. I actually really enjoyed the climax. It was a great scene with a good underlying theme (at least that’s how I read it). I also liked how human the characters seemed once they got to Reality. The interaction between Geth and Ezra had some really relatable dialogue. We all suffer. We are all not perfect, but we deal with it as best we can.

As for the characters, there were really only two new characters. The first is a disappointing character, Leven’s father Elton Thumps. He is a pathetic father figure. He is selfish and hateful. He blames Leven for the bad things that happened to him rather than take responsibility as an adult. Kinda reminds of my biological father. The second is a Longing named Phoebe. She isn’t totally new as she first appeared in book 4. She didn’t really have much of an appearance then as she was released by Leven and then disappeared to go all over Foo to let them feel her effect. She and Geth are in love so she travels with them and sort of annoys Winter. There are also a lot of old characters that reemerge to tie up their loose ends (which was clever).

The writing was pretty much the same as it has always been. I’ve given up having hopes for it and just accepted that I won’t be happy with it. It made it less irksome since I wasn’t paying attention to it and just enjoying the story.

All I can say in conclusion is that if you’ve read this far then finish it. The overall story was nice and light, albeit the writing was a bit irksome for me. Enjoy 😉

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