Book Review: ‘Beautiful Creatures’ by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Posted: 7 February 2016 in Book reviews
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Ethan Wate has been plagued with dreams of a mysterious girl for a while. He can’t tell anybody about them as he would sound crazy. But then one day she appears.  He doesn’t know it’s here right away, but he is drawn to her. As they begin to become friends, everyone in town does what they can to keep them apart.

Lena Duchannes as the new girl in town. In a town where everyone knows everyone and there is never anything new, this is a big deal. To make it bigger, she is the niece of town shut-in Macon Ravenwood, members of a family with a mystical and supernatural history. Everyone shuns her because of this. Everyone except Ethan, who is fascinated by her. She is mysterious and beautiful.

At first, Lena pushes him away, but the harder he tries to befriend her the more she relents. Because of this, everyone shuns him as well, but he doesn’t care. Even his housekeeper and family friend Amma tried to dissuade him from consorting with her. The more people, and Lena, try to keep them apart, the closer they become. And this worries everyone. The townspeople because she is a Ravenwood, and Lena’s family because of something secret. Something magical.

While they are on the plantation neighbouring Ravenwood Manor, the two discover a locket. When they both touch it, they see a vision of a scene during the civil war. They discover that the couple in the vision are relatives of both of them. They did deeper into their history and discover a curse, the curse that has made the Ravenwood family as they are today.

As Lena’s magic grows and her 16th birthday nears, sinister things begin to happen. Lena’s mother, who she has up until now assumed dead, reappears to draw her to the dark. Secrets begin to be exposed. The couple begin to learn the truth behind their ill-fated relationship. They do everything in their power to find a way to break the curse before Lena gets claimed for either the light or dark. But as time runs out and the moon makes it’s choice, will all of their efforts have been in vain?

My Thoughts

I first saw this movie last year and really enjoyed it. Then I found out it was actually a book. A few months ago I saw the books at a used book store and wasn’t sure I wanted to buy them. I’m not a romance fan, regardless that it is a supernatural romance and one I did enjoy in movie format. So I got the book from the library and I have to say I actually enjoyed it.

First off, the story is really good. One of the things I liked about it was that it followed Ethan as opposed to Lena. It’s his story. Not hers. So it isn’t overly gushy. Not that she is. The love story is subsequent to the story, not the main part. The mystery behind why they are drawn together leads the story. Because it plays a secondary role, it is tolerable and not overwhelming and insufferable like other stories out there…..cough…..cough…..Twilight…..vomit.

The depiction of the various characters was well done as well. I grew up in a smaller city where most people knew most every one. Kami and Margaret’s depiction of small town high school life is fairly accurate from my experience. I appreciate how normal the Ethan and Lena are. They aren’t dramatic (within reason). I also like how Ethan has a calming effect on her. They are relatable. I love that Lena isn’t super girly either. She’s sort of tomboyish. Love that. Although she does in some sense remind of Harry Potter in the last three books of that series; brooding and dramatic. That was a bit annoying, but also understandable. I typically expect the worst so I understand.

The writing was also good. It had many twists and turns. It was easy to read and very enjoyable. If you have seen the movie, you will definitely be surprised at the difference. I like how the Ravenwood clan is much more Addams Family than they are in the film. There was clearly a lot of time taken to develop the characters and to research the region the book takes place in. Very well done.

Over all, I give the book a thumbs up, which is good considering I don’t typically read books with a blatant romantic theme. If you enjoy supernatural romance stories and haven’t gotten to this yet, you need to. It is well written with a wholesome and engaging story. Enjoy 😉

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