Book Review: ‘Revenge: Trinity Book 2’ by Fiona McIntosh

Posted: 21 March 2015 in Book reviews
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Since Torkyn’s death, life for Alyssa has changed drastically. In the beginning, she hated King Lorys. He could have saved Torkyn, but instead had him killed. She wanted to hate him. She did hate him, but she wasn’t able to hate him forever. She worked closely with Queen Nyria, who pushed her to work for Lorys, and as the queen neared her death, was given the consent by the queen to marry the king after she died. As so she did. With a husband she loved and an adopted son, Gyl, life for her was happier than she ever thought possible.

What Alyssa didn’t know was that Torkyn was not dead. After trading consciousnesses with Merkhud, he is the one who dies in Torkyn’s body while Torkyn is safe. Merkhud then takes Torkyn’s body to the Heartwood where his soul is placed back into his body. He remains there, keeping his survival a secret, and tries to recover. But while he is recuperating, Orlac gets even closer to breaking free from his prison. Finally, after years of recovery, he must begin again to complete his destiny. So he sends Yargo to find his children and Sorrel (who are on another world), along with the Stones of Ordolt.

His destiny is yet again fraught with turmoil as his beloved Cloot is captured while they seached for the location of their mortal enemy, Goth. He journeys to the island kingdom of Cipres. While there, he develops a short-lived relationship with Queen Sylven, from whom he discovers what has become of his Alyssa. He is secretly unhappy at the news, but also happy that she is happy. After he is reunited with Cloot, they make their way back to the mainland and to the Heartwood. There is then reunited with his children, but not Sorrel who is killed along the way. As the players are brought together, they are running short on time as Orlac brings down the final Paladin keeping him bound. They must now act or risk the inevitable destruction of Tallinor.

My thoughts

I’ll start off by saying that book 2 is MUCH better than book 1. I really enjoyed reading it. And not just parts of it like with the first book. The whole book was enjoyable.

There are a lot of new cameo characters in this book. Most are very short-lived appearances (some literally like Queen Sylven), while others have reappeared from book 1 (like Eryn and Xantia). The most interesting new characters were Torkyn and Alyssa’s children, Gidyon and Lauryn. I’ve also found that Fiona (the author) seems to have an affinity for the letter ‘Y’. Anyway. I find their accelerated growing up fascinating. Very clever to have them in a different world where time runs faster than their home world.

I really don’t know what else to say. Unlike the first book, there were no discernible inconsistencies. Sure the character voice for Cloot wasn’t much different, but for some reason this time around it really didn’t bother me. Also, the annoyance of the childish characteristics of both Torkyn and Alyssa were gone. That is likely due to the fact that they have done much growing up over the first two books. I really enjoyed their more normalised personalities.

Needless to say, I am very excited to finish the trilogy and see how it ends. I definitely recommend continuing on with the series after this book. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did. Let me know your thoughts and whether you agree with me or not. Enjoy 😉

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