Book Review: ‘f**k it: the ultimate spiritual way’ by John C. Parkin

Posted: 23 June 2014 in Book reviews
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Other than ‘The Game’ (which is more or less a book about a guy and his foray into the world of pickup artists), this is the first book I’ve read attempting to help a person relieve themselves of stress and other negative emotions. Based on eastern spiritual ideas, Mr Parkin’s book seeks to take these ideas of letting go, realising how little things matter (if at all), and giving up, and moulding them into a phrase that the western world can identify with. That phrase is: f**k it (edited for obvious reasons).

To be honest, I’ve used the ideology this book has set out over the last few weeks since I’ve finished the book. Most recently this last weekend. I got pissed off with someone and was absolutely livid when talking about it. It was not a cool situation. Well, when I got home (because I didn’t want to be around people and I couldn’t even enjoy the France vs Switzerland World Cup match we were watching) I had a good think and remembered I didn’t actually care about what I was even pissed off about. I mentally said ‘f**k it’ and that was that.

That is the essence of what this book gets across. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ as the phrase goes. There are things that we place so much importance on that in reality don’t mean as much as we would like them to. Relationships, jobs, hobbies,etc, no matter how important we think something may be, oftentimes it isn’t and is only causing us unnecessary stress and aggravation. And I like that to be honest. It makes you take a good look at the things you value in your life and reevaluate their importance.

But then that is also where the book goes way wrong (in my humble opinion). While I agree that some things need to be removed, which is the whole point of the f**k it ideology, there are some things that he suggests that I’m sorry are completely illogical and wrong.

One of the big ones that blew my mind was the part entitled ‘Say F**k it to Parenting.’ I was a bit mind-boggled to read this bit. Basically, try controlling and discipling your children less. Just let them do what they do. When you do this, you will find that they will be better behaved, etc, etc, etc. Really? Something about that just doesn’t seem right to me. I can understand not being so rigid, i.e. a tiger-mom, but foregoing parenting completely is wrong. Now I’ve been a waiter for many years and I’m sorry, letting your kids just do their own thing because eventually they’ll decide they should probably go eat some of the food their parents bought for them is a load of shit. That is not how the world works. Some kids are well-behaved and some are not. Yes, there are proper ways to interact with your children that make them potentially less resistant to your parenting, but some children are just plain evil and will not listen no matter what. And you think that letting them do their own thing will make them better behaved at some point in their life? I’m sure the parents of the kid your kid is bullying would think otherwise. No, I’m sorry, saying f**k it to parenting is not good for your kids, you, or society as a whole.

The next one that blew my mind encompasses a few parts of the book. Basically say f**k it to self-control, discipline, planning, and goals. Yeah. Why be better than you are today? Why make progress in life? You are overweight and want to lose 100lbs so you can be healthy and live longer for your children? F**k that. If you want to exercise than exercise. If you want to sit in front of the tv eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, so be it. One day you’ll lose those 100lbs. You might already be dead, but hey, just don’t stress out. Totally flawed logic. Anything worth having in life requires discipline, self-control, planning, and goals. I want six pack abs. I don’t have the metabolism I had 10 years ago so I can’t just do what I want and think they will one day appear. It means I have to make good food choices, exercise regularly, focus, etc. Diabetes also runs in my family. I need to be healthy. Period. Can’t say f**k that now can I? I want to have my second book written at some point. I need to practise discipline so I get it written before I die (especially since it is the second book in 5 book series). What would be better is saying f**k it to feeling bad that we didn’t reach our goals. We made progress and that’s what matters. The journey usually is more important than the destination (another saying for you).

So, while I like the principle of the book to remove stress from my life by not giving importance to things that really don’t matter, I definitely would not suggest following many of it’s many suggestions. If you want to, hey that is your call, but there are some things that are important that you should never say f**k it to. I really want to believe that the author’s aim is to help the reader look at things differently. If that is the case, then it has worked for me. If not, then I hope the reader is wise enough to see it 😉

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