Book Review: ‘Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra’ by Obert Skye

Posted: 29 December 2013 in Book reviews
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Leven Thumps continues his adventure in book 4, ‘Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want.’

Things just seem to be going from bad to worse for Leven and his friends. The end of book 3 finds Geth and Winter still alive despite nearly being buried as the island of Lith disappears into the sea. Leven discovers his grandfather is the Want as he dies in Leven’s arms (Leven accidentally killed him). He is now the new Want and time is running out to save Foo.

There are four separate stories in this book: the sycophants, reality, the good guys, and the bad guys.

The sycophants are dismayed to discover their key is gone and the secret to their demise is spreading. The only answer was it had been stolen by Lilly, the daughter of one of the lead sycophants. A sycophant was sent to find her (as she had disappeared) and he finally did in the Invisible Village. It isn’t a nice place leaving most individuals there feeling hopeless and forever lost among its invisible walls. The sycophant somehow finds Lilly and has to bite her (rendering her unconscious) to take her back. But back at Sycophant Run, they are preparing for battle as the gloam finally reaches them.

In reality, Ezra, Dennis and Tim finally create the gateway, but it doesn’t work. Not at first. When all hope seemed lost, Tim finds himself in Foo. With the help of his new sycophant Swig, he searches Foo until he finds Winter and Leven after teaming up with Janet and Osck (mentioned later).

Ezra is furious to still be in reality. Things take an interesting twist when the come in contact with Terry and Addy. Terry has found the coat that once belonged to Antsel. It causes everyone around him to be gracious to him as if hypnotised. The Graph’s end up dying in a car accident and Dennis steals the jacket from the police after they come to inform him of their deaths.

Now with the jacket in their possession, they learn of a second entrance to Foo, one that only a select few know of. It is through this entrance that the inhabitants of Foo plan to enter reality. So the two set up camp there and develop of following when they are able to explain to the people exactly what was happening and what needed to take place when the entrance opened.

At the Devil’s Spiral, Leven is attacked by the Dearth who is able to control the dirt and can feel whenever someone is standing on the soil. Later, they release the longing (who Geth falls for) and then journey to Cusp to try and capture Azure. They end up catching Knoll, a henchman, and learn their plans.

Azure is quickly rounding up his troops to take over Foo and enter reality. Janet has teamed up (and fallen for) a fiery echo named Osck. He has convinced Janet that all things will be made right by entering reality. They also eventually are joined by Tim and Swig. The army attacks Cusp during the shatterball tournament and ultimately wins.

During the tournament (before the battle), Leven learns that Azure has been using Time to manipulate things in Foo. Azure also captures Clover. By the time he returns to the present time and warn Geth and Winter of the upcoming battle, it is too late.

The end is nigh. Will Clover die? Will Leven get his powers in time? Will Foo be destroyed?

Like the other three books, I have enjoyed the overall story. It moves forward quickly enough and I even found myself worrying about the fate of Clover. I liked the house stayed in Cusp. It was cool how it kept changing. Now that is the perfect safehouse.

The only real significant new character is the Dearth. I like him, but then I do enjoy bad guys. He controls dirt and can feel with it. He knows who is walking on soil, which helps him find Leven no matter where he is. He is quite evil as well. He doesn’t care about the good of Foo or its inhabitants. He wants to control the soil of both places and destroy everyone. Quite a rotten character no?

That being said, there are still many unanswered issues. Why did Geth shrink in book 3? Why were they testing Clover? How was the Dearth freed without all seven keys (as I’m aware, the sycophant key has totally been lost)? And so forth. And I know this is trivial, but if shatterball was such a big thing in Foo, why was it only brought up now? I mean, the tournament was a huge event. There had to be news of it, i.e. posters, kids playing it, people talking, etc. There just seems to be no real explanation to why some things are in the story. Things need to happen so situations are created to move the story forward, but they have no real explanation or pertinence. Kinda frustrating.

Well I am marginally concerned at what will happen in book 5. The writing hasn’t progressed (same problems with chapter beginnings as always) which is not good. There are many unanswered questions that I fear will never be answered. I shall soon find out when I commence reading it. As for a recommendation, if you have come this far, you might as well. It is better than the third book, but only because of the story progression. Enjoy 😉

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