Book Review: ‘Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want’ by Obert Skye

Posted: 25 December 2013 in Book reviews
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The story of Leven Thumps continues in the third book of the series, ‘Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want.’


With Jamoon now gone and Winter captured (powerless but otherwise alright), they now need to try and find the secret.

Sycophants cannot be killed like normal beings. Beings in Foo can only be killed by accident anyway. But now Leven knows how to kill sycophants. Now the secret can tell anyone. Which it does before they can stop it. As they pursue the dark being now in possession of the secret and the key, the group is once again separated.

The Waves of the Lime Sea appear and whisks Leven and Clover off (after attacking the dark being) to Lith where the Want resides.

When Winter and Geth continue on towards the Devil’s Spiral, they are captured by Azure, another Lithen (what Geth is) who is on the bad side. He takes them to council room on the eleventh stone to stand before the Council of Wonder. There they learned the sad tragedy of what happened to Foo while Geth was gone. They are then taken to Lith to meet their fate.

On Lith, Leven has met the Want and is being led around the island being instructed. He meets Anstel, has a fleeting glimpse of his mother, and Phoebe who is a longing. He learns about some of the history of Foo and some of what his role is in all of it.

Hundreds of feet below him, Geth and Winter had been imprisoned in a cage  and left to die. And die they might do as the island began to sink. They must somehow escape their prison and navigate the tunnels before they drowned or are crushed while Leven must survive the chaos above ground.

In reality, Ezra and Dennis have enlisted Tim to help them build a new gateway to get to Foo. But strange things have begun happening. Odd creatures have appeared. Clouds were messing with planes, buildings were walking, mounds of dirt were aggressive, and bugs were carrying people off. The stability of the dreams was fading.

And in Foo, armies were amassing. Janet had taken up with a fiery echo named Osck whom she liked and who liked her. The time to descend into reality was becoming a reality. Will Leven be able to save Foo in time?

Book 3 is much better than book 2, but that really isn’t saying much. While I enjoy the creativity of it, it still hasn’t remained very memorable. And above that, it is starting to feel really cluttered. There are four story-lines going on: Leven and Clover, Winter and Geth, Ezra and Dennis, and Terry and Addy. It’s not that the story-lines get confusing, just that there is a ton of stuff going on.

We also have two new characters introduced: Azure and the Want. Azure is a bad guy. He wasn’t always, but once the power shifted, he changed allegiance. The Want on the other hand is a complex character. It is hard to determine whose side he is on. At times it would seem to be the bad guys, but as that goes against his role in the world, it is hard to tell. He isn’t a nice character though. He’s also really weird.

The story itself it still interesting. While the writing hasn’t improved, nor the storytelling, the story is still moving forward and developing. There are plenty of loose ends now with things that happen, but no real explanation why (at least none that I can really remember as the story isn’t exactly memorable). What is kinda frustrating is that I still don’t know the point of stealing peoples gifts (what Jamoon and his people were doing). It seems to be a big point with the last book, but still not exactly sure way. Maybe I just missed it or can’t remember.

Well it is up to you whether or not you continue the series. I shall naturally to give a full review. I’m not for or against it. If you do continue, enjoy 😉

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