Book Review: ‘Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret’ by Obert Skye

Posted: 23 December 2013 in Book reviews
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*I began this in September and am able to finish it now that I am back in the states for the holidays.

It feels like it has been a really long time since I last wrote despite only being a couple weeks. Oh well. My friends are playing ‘Nazi Zombies‘ so I figured I’d take some initiative and get this started. Gotta get these books reviewed before I leave the country as I’m not sure they can be found in England.

So here goes. ‘The Whispered Secret’ is book two in the series. Just a note before I get into the synopsis. As with the other series reviews I’ve done, as this is book two there will be a bunch of spoiling going on. Just a warning. Don’t be mad at me if you ignore the warning and continue reading. That being said, I shall now begin.


With Sabine now out of the way, Leven and Winter’s next task was to get Geth back into his true form and time was running out.  If they didn’t hurry, Geth would harden into a lifeless piece of wood.

But fate puts them on separate paths. When rovens, giant ugly birds, attack Leven’s grandmother Amelia’s house, the group is split. Leven and Clover escape the chasm the rovens made by turning into a gum bubble and manipulating the wind. Once normal, he is attacked by a group of tharms (weird little stinky creatures) who bury him in the dirt. Once again he survives by manipulating fate and creating a bubble of air around him. He is saved by Clover getting some Sympathetic Twill to help unbury him. As they try to make their way out of the Swollen Forest, Leven unburies a huge secret and they run away before it sees him.

Geth, Winter and Amelia escape the chasm a different way, but in the end Amelia gets trapped and dies. Geth hides in Winter’s sleeve after Jamoon, Sabine’s right hand man, and his group capture her. She is imprisoned in ice caves by the Pillars of Rant. Geth escapes through the toilet to search for Leven.

Geth finds Leven right as he saves a guy from hundreds of sarus and is carried off. Geth reveals himself once they are trapped to be nutrients for a fantrum tree seed. Clover finds a mysterious siid which helps free them, but loosing Geth at the same time. They stumble upon a whisp, who is none other than a small part of Janet, Winter’s “mother.”

Back in reality, a janitor named Dennis Wood is eating a sandwich when he has a strange feeling whilst holding a toothpick. In his fingers is Ezra, a portion left over from Geth containing all his anger and negativity. And Ezra is angry. All he wants is to get back to Foo, find Geth  and kill him for making into what he was. In order to do this, he uses Dennis. Dennis has no real self esteem and hasn’t really done anything with his life, so he is the prefect pawn as he meekly obeys the will of the irate toothpick. Their journey leads them to Germany where the destroyed doorway was (which Ezra has no idea is no more). Dennis becomes tainted by the remnants of Sabine and they meet Tim, Winter’s neighbour and friend has is searching for her and Leven.

In Foo, Winter was finally able to escape the ice caves with little damage other than Jamoon playing with her mind. She heads towards Morfit. Once there she gets captured. Leven and Clover travelled with Janet for a time before she drifted off. They find Geth once more (he was in Leven’s stomach) and are hurrying to Morfit.

Will they make it in time to save Winter? Will they still have time to turn Geth back to his human form before his hardens?

What more can I say about this series that I haven’t already said? Well book two is not as good as book one. I say this for a couple reasons. One, because it is true. Two, because it has been over three months since I read it and I could not remember it for the life of me. I was speaking with a friend and we agreed that if a book is really good or really bad, you remember it, but if you are indifferent to it you have no reason to remember it. That is how I feel with book two. I am indifferent to it. It was enjoyable in its creativity, but there was nothing overly memorable about it. I had to skim the pages to get any kind of synopsis for it.

There is really only a couple new characters for mentioning: Dennis and Ezra. Ezra is Geth’s anger and Dennis is a spineless janitor. Ezra constantly belittles Dennis and calls him all sorts of names and Dennis takes it like a good dog. Kinda pathetic really. Tim is also sort of new, but not really worth much mention yet.

There was lots of description and many new creatures and interesting characteristics of Foo (like bridges grow and bushes can act like what you think). It was very well developed. Still reads more for preteens rather than for teens though. Has some darker elements though that might still make it more suitable for teens.

My overall opinion is if you read the first book, then go ahead and read the second. It wouldn’t hurt. The beginning of the most chapters are still annoying, but if you can get passed those then you might enjoy it. Enjoy 😉

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