Book Announcement: ‘The Chronicles of the Fallen: The Fallen Resurrection’ by C. E. Tracy

Posted: 17 March 2013 in Book reviews
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So this one is going to be a little different than my usual book review. Why is that you ask? Because this post is about my book. I can’t really review my own book, but I can at least use this opportunity to write about it. Also, this announcement is a little late considering the book has been available since October 2012.

This is my debut novel, ‘The Fallen Resurrection’ is the first book of the series The Chronicles of the Fallen. It is a five book series filled with the supernatural, fantasy and religious mythology. It revolves around a legend of a fallen angel. The legend states that once the angel resurrects, it will usher in the end of the world. It’s task is to locate the biblical flaming sword located in the Temple of the Fallen. It is hidden somewhere in the world and the only way to find it is with clues found at various holy sites around the globe. Each site holds a piece to the key along with a clue to the whereabouts of the next piece. With the sword he can either save the world or let it be destroyed.

Book 1 follows six characters, some good and some not as good. The two main characters are Tyler and Mark Morris, twin brothers. Tyler is the protagonist and Mark is the antagonist. They are quite the odd pair. Unlike normal twins, they really don’t have that strong twin bond  you hear about. They actually have quite the disdain for each other. Tyler more so than Mark. Tyler can’t understand why Mark has such an affinity for the supernatural. Tyler is very fact based. He believes in what he can see. Nothing more and nothing less. Mark is the one who even gets Tyler involved with the legend.

Helen is Tyler’s girlfriend. She is a soccer player and quite spontaneous, quite the opposite of her boyfriend. She was adopted by ministers as a baby and is an only child. From her parents, she was able to learn quite a bit about the legend and the characters involved. Her role is small in the beginning, but grows as the story evolves.

Father Michael is the priest at the cathedral in Rochester, New Hampshire. He is one of a handful of priests who have been in charge of the cathedral. He is Italian, the eldest of four children. He has a double Masters in Theology and Medieval History. What people don’t know is that he is the keeper of all the information of the legend and the one who will help the angel achieve their goal when they resurrect. None of the keepers know when this will happen, just that they must be prepared for when it does. Each priest knows a handful of languages and is skilled in numerous areas. Father Michael can speak Italian, English, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. He is musical and a skilled kick-boxer.

Kahit is an enigma and is introduced a good way through through the story. He is from the Wintu tribe in the Mount Shasta region of California. He claims to be the spirit guide for the fallen angel. He has been in training as a spirit guide for years before they meet. He is in his mid teens. His defining trait is that he can disappear.

Then there is Agent Samuel Erickson. He is ex-military and badass. He is Thai-American and has trained in many different fighting styles. He is essentially a man-for-hire. He detests the term hitman and henchman as that isn’t what he does. He does whatever is necessary with as little blood on his hands as possible. Despite his past, he does still have a conscience. As he is a mere peon, he knows very little of the legend. He only knows what he is told and what he picks up along the way. Despite who he works for, he doesn’t always agree with them.

As with any legend, it wouldn’t be complete without bad guys. The League of the Damned was formed by an excommunicated priest. They have been searching for the first clue for centuries. They want the sword to control the world and return it to the previous glory. Or so they say. The group is headed by the Brethren, twelve people with no morals. They will do whatever it takes and use whoever they have to to achieve their aims. Even their children. They are driven by greed and malice housed in claims of wanting peace.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the main characters (more will come in subsequent books), time to describe the storyline. When the body of the fallen is discovered by accidental spelunkers, both sides are thrown into a frenzy. Mark is excited upon the discovery, especially since the body is being housed at his University. Tyler on the other hand, doesn’t know about it or care. He is working on cracking the genetic code to be able to perfectly create and employ a artificial DNA strand. When it works, Mark contrives a plan to use his brother and his research to become a fallen angel. Tyler, the unwilling guinea pig, becomes the legendary fallen angel after Mark steals a sample of the angel DNA, combines it with Tyler’s genetic cocktail, and injects him with it (this happens early in the book so I’m not giving away anything). As the new resurrected fallen angel, Tyler must travel to Mount Shasta in California to retrieve the first piece of the key. There he must navigate an underground maze, battle golems, and evade Erickson.

Obviously I’m not even going to reveal a good portion of the book as I want you to get it and find out what happens for yourself. I’m currently working on book 2 and it is going to be fantastic. I have such amazing plans for this story. It has been a pleasure getting this story out there. I can’t wait for you to read it. I hope you enjoy my book as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ve listed below the links of where you can get the book. Thanks in advance for supporting and coming along this journey with me. All the best 😉

Amazon: Paperback

Amazon UK: Paperback

Createspace: Paperback

Amazon: Kindle

Amazon UK: Kindle

BN: Nook


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