Restricted Freedom

Posted: 1 June 2011 in Thoughts
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A few days ago I read a short news blurb that bothered me. ‘Glee”s Jane Lynch and some other person were advocating the ban of the word ‘retard’ ( Naturally my first thought was, ‘well that’s retarded.’ What is the point of omitting another word from the English language? We might as well omit such words as ‘special’ since it implies, depending on the usage, that someone is either handicapped or gay. While I do agree that it is not acceptable to use this and other words to inflict verbal pain or abuse, I do not agree that it should be eradicated from people’s speech.

It has become all to common now that people have lost their thick-skinned ability to cope with the real world. People of the 21st century have become weak when dealing with harsh realities. Words are no longer allowed, any mention of God has been forbidden, sexual acceptance has been forced down everyone’s throat, and if you have any opposing thoughts or disagreeances, you are instantly deemed as racist, sexist, a bigot, close-minded, old-fashioned or whatever. Traditional ideals are thrown out the window and the beliefs and values that have sustained this nation for centuries are no longer allowed. And all from words that describe people who have already put themselves in categories.

The problem I am noticing with society in America is that there is an overly desperate need to self identify. People not only feel the need to be acknowledged for who or what they are, but also to be accepted, regardless of whether the person wants to or not. People have become overly sensitive to everything everyone else says or does. People have to watch every word they say or gesture they make just in case it might offend someone. Atheists do not want the word ‘God’ on our money, in schools or anywhere so that they can be happy. Black Americans (as that is as PC as I am going to get) want retribution for slavery (while they were never enslaved), get angry if a white person says ‘nigger’ (while of course it is quite alright for them to say it. Quite the double standard), want an end to racism (while teaching their kids distrust and hate white people. Another double standard), as well as classifying themselves as ‘African American’ despite their ancestors being from Africa some hundred years ago. Illegal immigrants are angry over immigration laws and penalties, but tend to get the most support from the government. LGBT are angered of the popular vote to ban gay marriage. Men are afraid of anything but the macho (and if you aren’t the manliest guy out there you have to be gay). Feminists piss of everyone. White Americans, especially in back water states/towns, still live in a world where white people dominate and anything other than white, American, Christian, straight people leading is an abomination.

In this supposed ‘Land of the Free,’ there is no real freedom. We are all help captive by categorical thinking. Minorities feel the majority should be forced to comply to their demands. That is the complete antithesis of what democracy is. Democracy is not built on force. There are two different points of the definition of democracy that are important. One is that it is majority rule. Being that it is majority rule, when a bill/law/act/etc is put up for a vote, if the majority vote against it (despite how they were influenced) then under a democratic standpoint, it would not be put into effect. America has seem to have forgot this. In this time of PC and people identity crises, the majority no longer matters. If the minority complains loud and long enough. The majority vote will be overthrown and the minority will have their day, thus destroying the validity of democracy.

The second point is that a democracy should follow the ‘principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community’ ( There can be no true social equality when people seek to categorise themselves and segregate themselves. This express need for self identification negates democracy and creates chaos rather than equality. Now I am not saying that having an identity is bad. We all need to understand who we are. It is the not accepting of others after we decide who we are that is tearing us apart. Gays not liking straights, straights being homophobic, blacks hating whites, whites hating blacks, women hating men, men hating women, etc. All this self identification is for is a persons quest for freedom. But once they have found this personal freedom by accepting and loving themselves, rather than living in the peace of freeing themselves of their own inner demons (regardless of the aftermath), some would rather restrict the freedom of others whether it be through religion, speech or action. It is mainly this restricting of societal freedom from a person’s or group’s personal freedom that is tearing this country apart.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am in no way supporting racism, sexism or any other ism that creates inequality and biases against people. What I am against is people who get ‘insulted’ by a word, whether or not it was directly aimed at them. The most recent case was an advert for Cadbury that offended Naomi Campbell for her claim of ‘be[ing] described as chocolate’ ( Now this is a silly claim as they were not describing her as chocolate, just a pampered diva who has way too much attention put on her. It is this type of ridiculous reaction that I am against. How many times have I heard a black person refer to themselves as ‘dark chocolate?’ Many times. And how many times have I heard a black person call a white person a ‘cracker?’ Just as many times. And isn’t referring to a white person as a ‘cracker’ just as seemingly offensive as referring to a black person as ‘chocolate?’ You’d think so. But I guess it is just me that thinks that it is. That is why it is ridiculous for people to get butt-hurt about someone saying certain ‘words.’ In my mind, that is retarded.

So in conclusion, if there is anything that should be banned, it is the holidays, scholarships and the like that create this modern form of segregation. If there is to be true equality, it needs to be practiced by no race, colour, sexuality or gender being given privileges over others. Maybe then can we finally find and utilise the true form of democracy and our poor words can stop being criticised 😉

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