Thoughts for Easter

Posted: 24 April 2011 in Thoughts
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It has been quite the week for me. Many things have happened. Partly to me and partly to other people. Being as today is Easter, I find it somewhat appropriate to write on something of a religious nature. There are going to be two topics upon which I shall be touching: honesty and the atonement.

Both seem to go very nicely hand in hand with each other. To fully experience the atonement in your life, you need to be honest, and if you are not honest you need to apply the atonement. Both are simple and beautiful and both are needed to experience a fulfilling life.

Honesty has been a big deal this week. Last sunday it was discussed in both classes (sunday school and priesthood). We discussed the three main points of dishonesty: lying, cheating and stealing. Honesty is such a big deal. If you give in to any of these three points, you are dooming yourself. Dishonesty can only survive for so long. Eventually, the lie will surface. If you are already dead, your name will be forever tarnished, completely overlooking the good you might have done. Your family will be damaged and bear the brunt of the retribution, even though it was not their fault. Dishonesty not only hurts you, but it hurts those around you as well.

One important aspect of honesty I have found is trust. The more honest you are and by taking responsibility for your actions, the more trust you get. If you make a mistake and own up to it, people are still going to see the mistake, but they are also going to see that you admitted it and took the repercussions for it. You’d think that the trust would diminish, but at the end of the day, it will grow. Now this doesn’t mean to go out make do bad things and then own up to them. It just means that you should always be honest in those cases when you make errors. And it is always best as well to tell before they get found out. That way the situation won’t be made any worse.

This week it was discovered that one of my coworkers had been stealing from customers. I am a server at  nice sushi place. In restaurants, there is a terrible stigma about servers. Sad to say, it is true at times. Some servers will steal your information or your money. In this case, my coworker was putting tips in that she felt she deserved. For a while I’ve been wondered how she always did so well. Now I know why. She wouldn’t even look to see what they gave her. She’d just plug in an amount without thinking that people would notice. And they did.

Yesterday, it was also revealed that she’d been getting prescription pain meds sent to work. Even stranger was that she’d use various aliases rather than her own name. It was a legitimate prescription, just that she was lying to various online suppliers to get her fix. So in one swoop, my former coworker was lying, cheating and stealing. Naturally she no longer works with us. I have no idea what will happen to her. My bosses deem her a pathological liar. In that case, no matter where she goes to apply, she is most likely not going to put down my work as a past work as not to reveal her. It is sad really.

This brings me to my last point in honesty. To me this is one of the most important. It is being honest with yourself. I’m sure most people do not think this is that important, but it is. The majority of people walk around with a few masks in order to disguise their true feelings and even personality, afraid to be themselves. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Especially as teenagers. We want to fit in and so we try and subdue who we really are in an effort to be like the crowd. A face with no distinguishing characteristics. Some of us grow out of this stage while others never do.

I find this sort of occurrence a lot with religious people. Now I’m a religious person as well, but long ago I learned that we need to be able to balance living our religion with being ourselves. God did not put us down here to be mindless drones. He gave us minds and personalities. We need to use them as well as live the religion. I’ve seen so much superficiality and hypocrisy among religious people that it makes it difficult sometimes to be around them.

I love being me. Sure being me is not the easiest, but I would not have it any other way. Some people cannot deal with me, but that is fine. I am not going to change myself just so they can be comfortable around me. There are people that I respect enough to be more considerate around, but for the rest: take me or leave me.

But even then, some people go overboard and become dishonest with themselves in that regard. Naturally, honesty is a daily battle and in most cases is something that can be resolved between you and God while other cases need more help.

This is where the atonement comes into play. In order to fully utilise the atonement, we need to be honest with God. He knows what we’ve done and what we do. There is no point trying to deceive or lie to him.

The atonement is such an amazing gift. Christ gave his life so that we might be able to more fully live. I mean this of course in a spiritual sense. If we are bogged down by sin and the torment of it, we can not enjoy the beauty of life and the blessings from it. Christ sacrificed himself for us that we might use the atonement to receive forgiveness for our sins. He is our intercessor with the Father. Only through his selfless sacrifice will be able to live with God again.

Naturally, receiving forgiveness for breaking a commandment can be as simple as rectifying it and asking forgiveness from God. But others require discussion with a church leader in order to ensure that the proper steps for repentance are followed. Doing it might be difficult, but it is a gift given to us to utilise for the bettering of our lives. It is pointless to not partake of it.

And on such as a day as today, Easter sunday, we take time to reflect on all the blessings that God and Jesus Christ have bestowed on us. In reality, it is everything that we have and are. Everything is a blessing from them. The fact that we are alive, that we struggle, that we succeed, that we fail, each experience in our lives is a blessing designed to teach us and help us to grow. We have a divine potential that we must aim for. Don’t let Satan deceive you into thinking that you aren’t worth it or that it isn’t worth it or too difficult. God prepared a way and the means to accomplish it. Never give up or give in to the world. I know from personal experience that it does not always lead to the happy ending you expect.

So all in all, Happy Easter. Be honest. Be good. And most of all, always remember that God loves you and is always there. He never turns his back on you. It is you who turns your back on him. All the best 😉


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