Settling In

Posted: 17 April 2011 in Thoughts

I know it has been about a week since last I wrote, but things are well.  For starters, I have finally moved in to a place closer to work and everything else. It is crazy moving to a new place. Normally I would live by myself in a single room apartment, but when you are financially strapped, you do what you gotta do. And that means that I am living with housemates. Not the most ideal situation, but it could be a lot worse.

For starters, the room is decent sized and the closet has decent storage space. I feel comfortable in the room and feel that I can have enough room to create my own man-cave. It also has two windows which let in lots of light. I like that. That is initially what made me choose this room. I like the natural lighting effects. At least when there is light when it isn’t dismal weather like recently.

Second, the housemates are more my age and mostly cool. One guy has already rubbed me the wrong way, but he leaves at the end of the month so I’ll just deal with it. At I’m not the only guy who has issues with him. The guy across the hall from me can’t stand him either. That sucks when there is one rotten egg amongst the bunch. But as I said, he leaves in a couple weeks and then all shall be well.

I also get a bathroom mostly to myself. The shower has a flow issue, but it is hot and enough water comes out that I am not complaining. Plus the water is the kind I like. I hate taking showers with soft water. I know it is better for the skin, but I hate that feeling like a layer of soap is still on your skin and won’t come off.

Along with moving, i now have a new bed. it may not seem that important to some people, but having your own bed in your own place is a nice thing. you know only you have slept in it and everything about it fits you. i love my new bed. it is a firm single mattress set with a black and natural wood headboard and side table. plus i have a black and white bed set from target. yeah i am very happy with it. the bed they had in here was a filthy queen size. Now there is a lot more room to play with in here.

Other than moving and working, which I am now doing a lot of, I have been making very good progress on my book. It is amazing. I am having so much fun writing this. I have around 70 pages left to edit plus one chapter to finish and another chapter (at least) to add. It is coming along so nicely and I am very proud of it. I can’t wait for next month. That is the proposed publication date. And as I am self-publishing, it is a timeline I have set up for myself. I so cannot wait to be an author 😉


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