Reading before slagging off

Posted: 8 April 2011 in Book reviews, Thoughts
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So I am an avid ‘Twilight’ hater. I wholeheartedly admit it. I also admit that I have yet to actually read the books. Yes I have seen the movies, but as everyone knows, most movies made from books are never as good as the books. That being said, I’m not expecting much from the books. But even then, I hate how the awesomeness of vampires has been perverted to create a mutated disco ball version in desperate need of prozac and a personality. Then the mentally unstable lead female who is so bland and pathetic, that the undead should have died from boredom while the werewolf should have just eaten her. Not to mention the ever circular storyline rehashing the same mundane choices of the characters while hopelessly attempting to create a sense of foreboding doom of a vaguely present impending battle.

But, as I do not know everything about the books, I am writing this because every time I slag off on how terrible ‘Twilight’ is, people ask me whether I have read them or not. When I reply that I haven’t, they comment on how I can’t say anything about it until I read it. They present a very valid point, which is why I have decided that I will read the books. Eventually. That way when I slag off the novels, I can prove validly about how terrible they are.

Now, the whole point of this. Last night I was shown something where a person compares ‘Harry Potter’ to ‘Twilight’ trying to justify why ‘Twilight’ was better than ‘Harry Potter.’ First off, there is no competition there. ‘Harry Potter’ would hands down kick ‘Twilight’s’ ass. Having read all the HP books, I at least know what I am talking about with them.

This person had obviously not read the HP books and was also not thinking rationally. Many of the comments posted suggested that the person was ‘trolling’ or ‘troll’. This would be a good possibility considering the sheer ridiculousness of the post. Here is a link to the post to see how utterly insane it is:

Now, as much as I would like to be like this person and compare the two, I could not give an honest comparison as I have not read the ‘Twilight’ books. As soon as I do, I will most definitely compare them. But as for this post, while my rants are based off of the things I do know about the books, at least I am not as ridiculous to confuse J.K. Rowling with Jennifer Aniston, nor forget that vampires and werewolves are just as fictitious as wizards are. With that being said, as much as I dislike the story and how Stephanie Meyers has perverted vampires, I shall do my best to try and not slander those awful books. Try 😉


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