A Reply to my own Thoughts

Posted: 7 April 2011 in Thoughts

So some interesting developments in the last 24 hours. Funny how things turn out.

Last night I had to work. It actually went a lot better than I had previously expected. I made good money for one. I’d never worked a wednesday before yesterday so it was a nice surprise. Besides that, I was waiting to hear from a guy about a room I was considering.

I ended up getting a call, but it was not from who I had expected. It was from the place I had called a few days ago. Come to find, the guy had been out of the office because family was in town. I was given the go ahead for the place. Now this is great, but it puts me into a new dilemma. Well now the dilemma is slightly easier, but as of last night it had the decide between three places. I knew that it the newest place worked out I would go there, but if not I would go with the house with the guys more my age. As of this morning, I set up something with the younger guy house and found out the new place was not an option. So now it comes down to telling the other place that I was going with an option better suited to me. I’d rather be in this dilemma of turning people down than being turned down.

And to tope it all off, one of my customers last night is a senior manager from Lifetime Fitness. I love Lifetime and used to have a membership before I moved to England. I would love to get one again but financially I cannot do it right now. She then said to me that I should try and get a job there. I could then get a free gym membership. I would love to do it, but don’t know what I could do. Well she has now gotten me all pumped about it and I am going to go in. I mean couldn’t hurt right? If I got hired, I’d still have no life, but I’d have a free membership plus an extra income. What is not to like about that? She gave me her card and said she would tell someone I was coming in and also gave me the general manager’s name. I really hope this works out. It would be awesome.

Isn’t it funny how things tend to work out. I have no idea why I stress about things. Things always seen to work out, and if not the way I want, the way it is supposed to be. And as being an obviously religious person, I know to whom I owe my thanks. It is such a great knowledge to have, that when we do what we know to be right, that God blesses us. It is such a simple concept. True the blessings aren’t always what we want or expect, but in hindsight, they are usually always what we need. And when we struggle, God never forgets us. The trials are always for our benefit. Whether it is to teach us patience, to practice faith or trust, or for whatever reason, it will always help us become better people.

So yeah. Things are looking on the up right now. I am very happy about it. I can’t wait to see how things turn out 😉


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