Just a thought……..

Posted: 6 April 2011 in Thoughts

I’ve only got a minute today. I am in between shifts sitting at the Barnes and Noble Starbucks drinking a Vanilla Bean Blended Creme, which is really good by the way. I have decided to take this moments and just go through my thoughts on my life so far.

I feel bored. That might sound strange, but it is true. I am stuck in Utah for the next while after having travelled and lived in Southern Asia and Europe. I have almost earned a Master’s degree and am on the verge of publishing a book. With those upcoming ventures on my plate, you’d think that I would be well busy and happy, but no. Instead I feel stuck in a place I do not want to be doing what I do not want to do, getting stressed at every turn, not understanding people and not finding a place to live that I can honestly love.

After such a wonderful weekend, you’d think that I would be spiritually rejuvenated to be able to take on all my stress and cope. For the most part I am. But when you are on a time restriction and you do not want to settle, it is a little difficult to cope. I know I’ll be fine but it is still frustrating. I had the thought as well that maybe I should try and change my perspective; maybe try to understand and like where I’m at. I hate sounding like I am complaining, but that is exactly what I am doing: complaining. I’m frustrated about where my life has led me which is making it difficult to recognise and accept the good things I have received. I am progressing spiritually and whether I like where I’m at or not, I am getting my life organised, which is always a good thing.

So, aside from not being able to find an apartment and not making enough money at work, things are fine. Especially where my book is concerned. I am so excited about it. I am working on the second draft and it is coming along nicely. If I keep going as I am, it should be done within the next couple weeks and available for purchase mid-may. That is the aim anyway. Surprisingly, I am very happy with the progress it is making and I just can’t wait to be able to hold the published copy of it in my hands.

So there it is. A random update in my now boring life. It sucks as I have said, but it is only for a time. Once the book is published and if it is doing well after a year, I am moving to Australia for a year. The ultimate goal is back to England, but some detours on the way wouldn’t hurt 😉


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