Book Review: ‘Choke’ by Obert Skye

Posted: 1 April 2011 in Book reviews
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Despite attempting to drag it out, I read the bulk of this book in one night. And just like the first one, the story was enjoyable, but I have a few issues with it.

‘Choke’ is book 2 in ‘The Pillagy’ series. Here we see the return of Beck, Kate, Wyatt, Aeron, Thomas, Millie, Scott and Wane. We are also introduced to a couple new characters: Van a reporter, Mr. Whitey a strange man who pops up every now and then, and Lizzy the dragon queen.

After the city has almost recuperated from the destruction created at the end of ‘Pillage’, Beck nearly kills himself and Kate while destroying a shed trying to blow up what Beck supposed to be a giant ball (it was a weather balloon). Kate was relatively unharmed but Beck was nearly killed. In the hospital he is attacked by a plant left for him by Millie. To make it even weirder, Mt. Whitey appears and tells him that he has seven days to find and hatch the dragon or else it will hatch on its own and wreak uncontrollable havoc. And until he decided to do it, the plants turn on him, making him paranoid. He is instructed to hatch the dragon and then kill it while it is small to end the curse.

Typical of Beck, he only follows part way. He hatches the dragon, but lets her grow. Soon she is too big for the room and Beck decides to take her out for a ride when she lets him know she wants out. For a split second he lets the Pillage in him take over and soon they are flying and he is in bliss. That is until the dragon destroys a church, terrifying an old lady and flying off with some brass organ pipes. He realises the folly of his action and also realises that he has no choice but to destroy her. After perusing the ‘Grim Knot‘ many times, he discovers how he is to destroy her, which he must do before she destroys him and those he cares about.

Just like the first book, the writing is juvenile and perfect for teens to enjoy. The story is enjoyable and fast paced. Those elements combined create an enjoyable few hours to kill before moving on to something more complex.

There are a few issues that bothered me. Well one issue mainly: inconsistency. I discovered two major inconsistencies in the book. The first one is when Thomas brings him his dictionary while he’s in the hospital. Skye writes it as if Beck had gotten the dictionary himself to learn what Wane’s name meant when in fact it was Wane who had gotten him the dictionary.

The second appears much alter in the book. Beck is reminiscing about the previous dragons and says that there was ten dragons. That is not true. There were only eight dragons in the first book. Even if he was including Lizzie in that number, that would make it only nine.

But even with these inconsistencies and various annoying points throughout, the story is enjoyable and most people would enjoy it. I will say this though, that I am betting that there will be a third book someday 😉

  1. Brittanniey says:

    I love the book but, I don’t get why there has to be romance? I mean kids are reading it and so are grown ups!


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