Posted: 22 March 2011 in Travel
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Cancun. The mecha of spring-break destinations. From the man-made pristine beaches to the miles of luxury hotels. As described in my blog for the Cayman Islands, I opted to switch the mistake ticket for a night in Cancun.

Now you might think me crazy for only spending one night there, but believe me, I wish I had had more time. While there was plenty for me to do in the short time I was there, I was unable to do the things that I really wanted to do.

So to start off about this trip, this is the first trip after deciding to go somewhere new every year. I went early April when the weather was nice and hot, but not scorching. I suggest that if you are going there primarily for leisure, to go then. It is right after spring break so all the kids are gone and back in school leaving you in relative peace. This means the beaches will not be littered or cluttered. An interesting note about the beaches in Cancun is that they had to be remade after the hurricanes of 2005 ravaged them, displacing tons of sand. When you look at the beaches on Cancun Island, it is hard to believe that those beautiful beaches are man-made, but it is true. Regardless, they still need to be partaken of and enjoyed. Nice thing is that pretty much all the resorts are located next to the water.

That leads to the next, and probably most important, choice is deciding on which hotel you want to stay in. This was before my knowledge and experience in hostels so I opted to stay there in style. As I had gotten a cheap flight, I could spend the money on a very nice hotel. I ended up choosing a one night all-inclusive package deal from the Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas. At the time that I was there, the hotel was only 4-stars, but I have now discovered from their website that they have been upgraded to a 5-star status. This is a very good thing.

I say this because looking at the pictures, the rooms have definitely been improved. I say this based on the room I had. Not that it was terrible, just not what I expected for a 4-star resort. The one thing I am sad about is the removal of the Mediterranean restaurant that was there. It was incredible. It was my favourite. But it now has an Italian restaurant which is just as good in my eyes.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there, there are many other options to choose from while yo are there. There are around 40+ hotels/resorts to choose from so be sure to do your research. But what ever one you choose, make sure you get their all-inclusive package. Of course it will be more pricey ($90 or so for a regular night compared to $215 a night all-inclusive at Omni Cancun), but when you realise how much you will ultimately save, it is worth the price. All-Inclusive means that you can eat at any of their restaurants for every meal for no extra charge (or room service), unlimited beverages and a wide variety of daily activities to enjoy. That is at least $100 a night that you will be saving by getting the all-inclusive package. Just do it.

With thoughts of lodging out of the way, you can now focus on the activities you want to do. As I said with the all-inclusive package, your hotel will have loads of activities for you to do. As I was only there one night, I unfortunately was unable to partake of this particular treat. And there is so much there to do. I did get to experience an exhibition of native Mexican dancing in the neighbouring Grand Oasis resort. It was pretty cool. There will be exhibitions of the native culture, tours, water activities, clubbing, whatever you are into. All you need to do is talk to your hotel and they will set you up with someone to plan your holiday. If you opt out of the all-inclusive package, or decide to take the adventure into your own hands, plan ahead (just to know what is there) as there are some things you might need to book in advance.

What ever you do, there is one thing that I regret not being able to do while I was there: going to see the Mayan ruins. They are not so far away from Cancun and you can get there by renting a car or by joining a tour group. Either way, you can organise it from you hotel if you have not done so before arriving. Just go see them. These are amazing buildings predating the current civilisation. Much like the pyramids of Egypt and the khmer architecture of southern Asia, these gigantic structures are the remnants of a forgotten past. Through the architecture and other objects discovered, you will be able to catch a glimpse back into a time when human sacrifice was performed to appease angry Gods, body mutilation was a symbol of class and legend claimed the end of the world to be in 2012.

Since this was my first trip (by myself) and a learning experience (as all my trips have been), I have learned that some places need more than one day to truly experience the place. After Cancun and the Cayman Islands, I have never gone to a country for less than 3 consecutive days. I dreaded leaving Cancun though. I felt so calm and at peace with the world. Even the party vibe understood from this place, it can still be a haven for personal relaxation 😉

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