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Posted: 11 March 2011 in Thoughts
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Today I have no real inclination about where or what I want to write about. I don’t even know what to title this entry so I’ll have to do it when I finish.

As I’ve been contemplating each day what to write about, I’ve been able to understand more about how to more effectively write a blog. They are almost like writing articles for journals or magazines, just more personal. Each blog needs to be well written, informative, and enticing. Pictures help as well. Each blog somehow delves into the inner emotion of the writer giving the reader not only insight into whatever they were searching for, but also insight and understanding of the being writing the post. Blogs are basic declaration of our own personal truths.

I know that I have only been writing a blog for a matter of months, but I have been intrigued by the dedication and skill it takes to become a successful blogger. A few days ago, I got nearly 50 views and I was ecstatic. And to have received a few comments on top of that was a true treat. So now I sit here and think about how I can expand this and I realise a few things.

I should probably mention that I am working on becoming a travel writer, hence why I started this blog. Although I will have the occasional book review and other random entries just to break the monotony of singularity. But primarily I shall be detailing my travels and travel plans.

So the things I’ve realised. First is that there are certain places or monuments/sites that are going to generate more general interest than others. My post about the Eiffel Tower has received 35+ views while my blog on Paris has received significantly less. People seem more interested in the singular rather than the collective experience unless discussing about countries, like Jamaica.

Second is that when discussing places, you need to be as informative as possible. Of course there is no need to plagiarise, but citing sources and adding extra sites for others to view will definitely benefit the reader and give you a more professional edge. Plus people appreciate it.

Third is to make the post interesting. Giving information about a place with a personal twist will draw the reader in and give them an enjoyable reading experience as well. There are so many lessons to learn about travelling so by giving your own account, you can give the reader ideas on what and what not to do when visiting that location. It might just save the reader stress and time.

Fourth, pictures are a major bonus. When telling a person about a place, pictures will lure more people (or drive them away) than mere words. Seeing pictures will help the reader be able to in some sense relive the experience with as you tell it; to see what you saw. While pictures are not always necessary, more often than not they will add to the post than take from it.

Now I don’t profess this to be the most accurate and correct route to take. There are many tried and proven or failed methods that many people adopt or create. I am merely recounting my methods in hopes that they can help someone and/or that someone will have some tips for me to better improve my writing. Either way, time will always prove to be the best judge of success 😉


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