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Posted: 29 September 2010 in Music
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As most my friends and family know, music is my life. It makes up the very core of my being. Everywhere I go I have music playing and usually I am singing along with it, even if I don’t really like the song (such as the Plain White T’s song ‘Hey Delila’. Awful song). So I am always looking for new music or songs to add to my ever growing repertoire of desirable music. In this post I shall detail a few of the songs/groups I have discovered and what I like about them.

The first song I shall discuss I have seriously been listening to nonstop since I found it yesterday. Now I’m not a big American Idol fan but I have to say that hey have found some really great singers in all the seasons it’s been running. The song I am referring to is ‘Something ’bout Love’ by none other than David Archuleta. His first hit ‘Crush’ was a pretty decent song although received very little airplay. This song even I would call in to request. And just for myself for the pleasure of listening to it. The song is super catchy and you can’t help but bob your head to the beat and imagine yourself being the geek in the video who has the pretty hot girl come stand next to him and smile shyly. Not to mention his voice. David has an incredible voice. Despite the autotune. You can really notice this when at the third minute the chorus changes keys. Absolutely brilliant. If this song does not become a hit it would be a major shame.

The next song is one that most Americans will never have heard of. The song is called ‘Promise This’ by the Girl’s Aloud singer Cheryl Cole. While she is an incredible beautiful woman, her Geordie accent drives me up the wall. If you just taped her mouth shut things would be perfect. There were certain elements I felt missing from the songs of her first album that kept me from even considering buying it. First is that the song ‘3 Words’ is complete rubbish. The second is I felt there was no climax in her music. It was very monotonous. While ‘Fight for this Love’ has a great message and is  nice song and ‘Parachute’ (which I do love) is a great song, their tone says fairly the same. And then we are graced with this new song. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect and I have to admit that when I heard it I was pleasantly surprised. She has seemed to have learned quite a bit from her first album (although it did really well) and brought forth a killer track. There is every element required to make this a hit: it is catchy, there is a climax and the music video is amazing. I am really looking forward to her next single and I hope the rest of the album is of this calibre.

The last bit is a group that I have recently found, ‘Capitol Lights’. They are really good. They are a rock group mixed at times with electronica. As I had never heard of them before, I have had to a little research into who they are. They were originally called afterEight and then changed it once they signed to Tooth and Nail Records. Sadly, this is the only album under that name that they have or will do, ‘This is an Outrage’. They also have one album as afterEight but in 2009  they called it quits. I am actually quite sad as they are really good. My favourite song of theirs is ‘Mile Away’ as I feel it has a good message and has a catchy beat. “Outrage’, ‘Worth as Much as a Counterfeit Dollar’ and ‘Return’ are also great songs. Basically the whole album is fantastic. I found it either yesterday or the day before and I’m on my fifth time through. It is fantastic. One interesting thing about them is that they started out as a Christian rock group. I am tending to find a lot of those amongst the 80 GB that was given to me.

If there are any songs or groups you would like me to listen to and comment about please let me know and I will. I am always looking for new music. Plus if you want suggestions of other good music I have found in the past, just ask and I can recommend quite a few.

  1. Teresa says:

    While I respect your taste in music, and know that you really DO have great opinions on the subject, I find it hard to take advice from somebody who loves David Archuletta! His voice is amazing, but the music? Common, packaged and mediocre. I am starting to venture into the world of Indie Rock, where artists really are artists, and actually write much of their own material.


    • cetracy says:

      hahahaha Well good thing I never said I loved him. I just love the song. It has a good beat and nice lyrics. But I do agree, it is typical but as they say ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’ This style of music has been quite successful and it is a very rare thing in the pop world for a musician to actually do what they would like. Look at Kelly Clarkson. She tried to venture off and do what she wanted but the public didn’t like that. That’s why a bunch of my favourite bands aren’t mainstream because they do their own thing and they are true to themselves. Plus they also write their own music and play their own instruments.


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